Deluxe GOLD RUSH Gold Panning Kit - Only $39.95!

Pan for Gold at Home -  Only $39.95

The Gold Rush Panning Kit is based on the hit Discovery Channel series GOLD RUSH. This kit provides the thrill of gold mining in the comfort of your own home. Each kit includes a professional  gold pan, a snuffer bottle for retrieving gold from the dirt, a classic vile to store the gold, a certificate of authenticity and a one pound bag of dirt guaranteed to contain real gold.

The Deluxe Gold Rush Gold Panning Kit Includes:

  • + 12" Gold Pan 
  • + Glass Vial
  • + Snuffer Bottle
  • 1lb Bag of Pay Dirt (up to $200 worth of gold)
  • + Certificate of Authenticity!

How to Use Your GOLD RUSH Panning Kit - Feat. Parker Schnabel