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Dirt of the Month Club

Dirt of the Month Club

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    • Now available as a one time purchase option. No membership needed. PayDirt will be from one of mines listed below:


Big Nigget Mine Cuts 

  • Mackelravie
  • Emmerson Trench
  • Smith Creek
  • Big Nugget Blend
  • Parker’s Hole

 Parker's Yukon Claims

  • Berm Cut 
  • Fantasyland
  • Treasure Island
  • Boundary Cut
  • Creek Bed Cut
  • Indian River North
  • Indian River South
  • Blend Cut


    • Dirt of the Month Club takes authentic PayDirt from active and famous working mines and delivers it to the fans at home. We screen it down to remove large rocks and make it easier for you to pan, but we don’t clean it like many other pay dirts on the market. We leave all organic gold in the mix and also salt each bag so that you’re guaranteed to find gold in every singel bag. Please keep in mind that becuase we try to keep these mixes as AUTHENTIC as possible, there will be more organic matter, smaller rocks and sticks and panning this pay dirt is going to be more challenging.  Results will vary and depend on your panning skills so be sure to pan over a bucket and pan it multiple times.  
    • Delivered right to your front door, this PayDirt is different because it comes directly from the mines featured on Discovery's show GOLD RUSH, Big Nugget Mine in Haines, Alaska or elsewhere. When you place an order, you will receive a bag of paydirt from one of the cuts listed above.  
    • Each month we feature a unique cut selected by Parker Schnabel and our Pay Dirt Gold Team.  All orders/member levels receive a bag of PayDirt (size depends on what you choose) guaranteed to contain gold, a custom cut card explaining the month’s cut and the story behind it, and a keepsake wooden box and glass vial to store your gold in. 

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Dirt of the Month Club

Pan the actual Pay Dirt from mines seen on GOLD RUSH!

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