Parker’s Pay Dirt - 6lb Fantasyland Bundle

Experience the thrill of gold panning today!
Parker’s Pay Dirt - 6lb Fantasyland Bundle

Parker’s Pay Dirt - 6lb Fantasyland Bundle

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*Very Limited Stock.*

Each bundle includes 2 professional gold pans, 2 snuffer bottles, 2 tweezers, 2 vials and 6lbs of Fantasyland Pay Dirt from Parker’s Yukon mine guaranteed to contain REAL GOLD!

All authentic pay dirt is left raw and screened to 3/8” to remove large boulders and rocks, then salted with a base amount of gold. Results will vary and depend on your panning technique. 

Fantasyland was one of Parker’s most lucrative cuts and until now has never been available for sale!   

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Pan the actual Pay Dirt from mines seen on GOLD RUSH!

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