Dirt of the Month Terms and Conditions

Start Panning for Gold at Home

PAYDIRT “Dirt of the Month” Club Terms of Use.

You’ve hit it rich!  Well, sort of.  Our Dirt of the Month Club (the “Club”) doesn’t guarantee you’ll strike it rich, but these terms of use are solid gold!  Read them, because they govern our Club and the monthly service we provide.  If you don’t agree with them, you probably shouldn’t join our Club.  If you have any questions after reading this, please click here to submit an email to us.  Our email service will get back to you within 72 hours.

These terms govern our Club.  When we write things like “we” or “us” or “our,” we’re referring to Pay Dirt Gold Company.  When we write things like “you” or “your,” well, that’s you!  If you’re part of our Club then you’ve agreed to these terms (we’ll call them “Club Terms”).

Salting Process

Every kit and bag we send out contains authentic pay dirt concentrate from active gold mines. Because we don't know wether the gold found in this pay dirt concentrate contains a little, a lot, or no gold, we also hand salt each bag & vial of our pay dirt with real gold from active gold mines. How much you retrieve depends on your gold panning techniques. We can never guarantee you'll find it all, but you will have fun trying. All results will vary. Each bag & vial is salted with a base amount of gold. In addition, we've salted random bags & vials with larger bonus amounts of gold. The odds of getting the bonus bag or vial is 1 in 250.


Pay Dirt’s Club is a subscription service (our “Service”) that sends you monthly allocations of dirt excavated from real gold mines throughout North America [excluding Quebec], so that you can mine for gold without having to trek outside your back yard.  If you’re a member of our Club, we call you a Miner. 


Miners residing in the 50 United States, including the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Northern Mariana Islands and Guam (basically, the "United States") or Canada may subscribe to receive monthly bags of dirt containing dirt from active gold mines (we can’t help it, we gotta call them "Dirt Bags").  Pay Dirt Gold Company offers a rebillable monthly automatic renewal subscription ("Monthly Subscription"). Basically, you get billed every month for a new Dirt Bag.   If you’d like to be a subscriber, go to www.paydirtgold.com.  Just so you know, because we pre-order our Dirt Bags, you may be waitlisted for your first Dirt Bag.  


OH, C’MON, you know what it is.  Pay Dirt’s Dirt Bags are bags of dirt excavated from the mines you see on the show Gold Rush and potentially other active gold mines.  We will let you know the exact mine the Dirt Bags are coming from once they have shipped.  While we don’t know how much gold is organically in the Pay Dirt from the mines, to make it a little more fun we salt the bags with real gold so that you’re guaranteed to find gold in every bag.  Please see our other terms of use, located here, to find out more about how we package and salt our Dirt Bags.  


These Club Terms govern the Club.  Please read this carefully.  It’s important you know how we charge for the club.

How the Club works.  When you join our Club, you are purchasing a Monthly Subscription, and you agree to an initial and then recurring Monthly Subscription Fee at the then-current rate, and you are accepting financial responsibility for those recurring charges, until you cancel your membership in the Club (or we cancel it for you).  Once you purchase a Monthly Subscription to the Club, you will be given an account where you can manage your Club subscription as well as other Club events.

Automatic Monthly Renewal Terms: Once you are a subscriber (that means you’re off any waitlist and our monthly subscription have begin – which will be October 2015), Pay Dirt Gold Company will automatically process your Monthly Subscription fee in the next billing cycle. Pay Dirt Gold Company will continue to automatically process your Monthly Subscription fee each month at the then-current Monthly Subscription rate without further notice to you or authorization from you, until you cancel your subscription. Please have a look at our section called "How to Cancel” so you understand our cancellation policy. 

Except for the introductory period (prior to October 1, 2015), these billing conditions apply.  If you join during our introductory period, you will be charged for your first month’s Dirt at the time of joining and it will be delivered at or about the middle of October, 2015.  

For all other subscribers, and after the introductory period, the following billing information applies:  When you join our Club, you will enter your credit card [or bank information].  On or about the first of every month, you will be charged the then monthly fee.  Your Dirt Bag will be shipped after that time.  Your Club membership may also entitle you to all sorts of special events and promotions that non-subscribers do not receive.  

Your Dirt Bag is Yours.  Sorry, we don’t accept returns of our Dirt Bags, and you cannot get a refund once your card is billed.  If there is a problem with your Dirt Bag, we will try to work it out.  Please email our customer service center at hello@paydirtgold.com, and someone will get back to you.  Do us a favor and allow a few days. 

Did you get Waitlisted?   Because our Dirt Bags actually come from active gold mines, we have to pre-order them.  We do our best to meet the demand we have, but you may have to wait for a few months if we have sold out of memberships for the dirt we have.  Sorry about that.  If you are waitlisted, we won’t charge your card until you’re off the waitlist. 

Wanna Get to the Head of the Line? 

If you’ve already purchased our product and you care to give us a positive review via email, send us a review to hello@paydirtgold.com to that review and we’ll speed you to the top of the line. 


You want to cancel?  Seriously? OK, read on.  You may cancel your Monthly Subscription to the Club any time you like by logging into your account and following the cancellation procedures listed there.

We bill on the first of the month.  If you cancel anytime after 5PM ET on the first, you will still be charged for the that month and your cancellation will be effective for the following month.  

By the way, when you cancel your subscription, you won’t receive our Dirt Bags any longer, and you won’t be a Miner in our Club.  That means, you’ll forfeit any Nuggets you accumulated in our points program, and you will not be entitled to participate in Club member events.  Hey, maybe you shouldn’t cancel. 

One more thing:  Club benefits go away when you cancel, and you won’t be able to take advantage of our cool events, including the occasional promotion that might land you at the feet of a real live dig.  No more free shipping from our online store, and limited access to our cool retail products.  You won’t get priority notice of things, either.  We’ll always invite you back, but you’ll end up going to the end of the line again.  And that’s no fun.  Think it over.

By the way, if you do still decide to cancel your subscription, unless you specifically tell us otherwise in an email, we’ll keep your account dormant and won’t completely delete it (or your Nugget points accumulation) for three (3) months.  You know, just in case you change your mind.  And if you rejoin within 3 months, you’ll speed right back up to the head of the line.

We reserve the right to cancel your membership, too, at any time, and cancel the Club.  We can do this for any reason.  If we have to do it, we’ll notify you through the email address that you provided us when you signed up.

Because our bags are from active gold mines and are also hand seeded with real gold, we can guarantee you’ll find gold, provided you have panned your dirt properly according to our easy-to-follow directions.  We’ll always give you your money back if you return a bag because you don’t find any gold, but because we have to guard against fraud, we may discontinue your Club subscription once you do.


Questions: If you have any questions about the Points program, please visit us at  www.paydirt.com