About Pay Dirt Gold Company

Our Story

Believe it or not, the concept for Pay Dirt Gold Company was created out of a white elephant Christmas party! Scott (Founder and CEO), an avid fan of the Discovery Channel series, Gold Rush, was at his in-laws for their family's Christmas party. Scott's father-in-law brought out this old, tarnished sealed tuna fish looking can... around the can was a yellow label that read "Pan Alaska Gold Concentrate; Guaranteed to Contain Gold." At that moment, Pay Dirt Gold was born!

Our Mission

Gold has always been a staple of American culture from the first discovery of gold at the Reed Farm in North Carolina to the western expansion in search of gold. With customer experience and service at the forefront of our company we believe in delivering the highest quality experience for our customers. We GUARANTEE that every bag of Pay Dirt we package has authentic REAL gold inside. Pay Dirt Gold's mission is to give everyone an amazing and FUN Gold Panning experience! An activity that children, families and even the seasoned hobbyist can enjoy right in their own backyards!

Pay Dirt Gold

Featured Products

Our best selling kits and paydirt are guaranteed to contain real gold from active working mines.
1 lb Deluxe Gold Rush Panning Kit
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1/2 lb Gold Rush Panning Kit
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Gold Rush Scale
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Mini Gold Panning Kit
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