What's in Your Vial?

We love seeing incredible customer photos on social media! From full vials to specks of gold in our signature green pans, you have shared so many awesome stories. To celebrate the weekend, here are some of the best fan vials we've seen recently: 
Dale C.'s Mother Lode
Christopher G.'s Awesome Finds
Harjit S.'s Two Treasures

Dirt of The Month Club
Jesse P.'s Dirt of The Month Club Collection
Be sure to share your finds with us on Facebook, and we just might give a share of the spotlight! 
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Posted by Jenna Gulica

Jenna Gulica


  1. Tyrrell Nov 11, 2016

    You might have better luck if you put more gold in, to many times I bought no gold at all, it isn’t like you half to buy it or its going to run out.

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