What's in Your Vial?

We love seeing incredible customer photos on social media! From full vials to specks of gold in our signature green pans, you have shared so many awesome stories. To celebrate the weekend, here are some of the best fan vials we've seen recently: 
Dale C.'s Mother Lode
Christopher G.'s Awesome Finds
Harjit S.'s Two Treasures

Dirt of The Month Club
Jesse P.'s Dirt of The Month Club Collection
Be sure to share your finds with us on Facebook, and we just might give a share of the spotlight! 
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Posted by Jenna Gulica

Jenna Gulica


  1. pastime Jan 17, 2018

    bookmarҝed!!, I like your web site!

  2. Timber Nov 14, 2017

    Tyrrell, I thought all Pay Dirt sacks were guaranteed to contain gold. I haven’t ever tried to find gold or mined, just got the bug and ordered my first kit. Thanks to the show on Discovery and all the beautiful camping spots we go to. I figured this is a great hobby to take up with the naps, I mean fishing in the sun and lounge chairs. Anyhow, based on the claims on the website that all bags contain gold, I would perhaps try panning again or contact customer service.

  3. carol hudson Oct 06, 2017

    I am getting ready for the Season Premier on Friday the 13th by hosting a at home demo/party for #goldrush and #tryazon Some of the invited guest have asked where the dirt comes from in the pay dirt bags? Is any of it from the Big Nugget or the Klondike claims? A couple of them have asked if Parker, Todd, Jack or Tony actually touched any of this pay dirt ? My grandsons dad and grandpa are Todd and Jacks doppelgangers!
    So excited for this party and the premier. Going to do some panning, hot dogs and chips while we watch Gold Rush.

  4. Tyrrell Nov 11, 2016

    You might have better luck if you put more gold in, to many times I bought no gold at all, it isn’t like you half to buy it or its going to run out.

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