07 Dec

There’s no place like Nome!

With a population hovering around four thousand, Nome appears just as you would imagine an old Alaskan mining town to, with dogsled races captivating residents and their visitors each March. Add in a certain cinematic lore, and Nome boasts levels of modern mystery and adventure that are just enough to turn heads. If you’ve heard that Nome’s only claims to fame are UFO's and a dated gold rush, we’re here to share some insider information: The area’s gold, although increasingly elusive, has more value than ever before. With winter temperatures almost always guaranteed to plunge below zero, Nome’s harsh conditions...

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27 Jun

Hit Pay Dirt with Your Official Gold Rush Panning Kit

Panning is More Fun When you Find Gold Do you hit pay dirt every time you go out on a prospecting trip? If the disappointment of finding gold has gotten to you, Pay Dirt Gold will help you relieve your frustrations of finding gold when panning. The official Gold Rush Panning kit is based on the popular Discovery Channel series "Gold Rush," and is an inexpensive hobby kit with pay dirt that will reignite your interest in panning for gold. For beginners, the Gold Rush Panning kit will train you how to use the tools and equipment needed for gold...

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14 Jun

How to Pan for Gold at Home

Learn How You Can Pan for Gold Near Home Taking time to go to distant places to mine for gold is not a convenience everyone has. The Pay Dirt Gold Company provides the unique experience of learning how to pan for gold within the comfort of your own home or local area. Although hiking towards the banks of the Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park may sound like a good idea, staying indoors or close to home is safer for novice gold panners to start practicing their panning techniques. Panning for gold at home may not be the same as...

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