25 Oct

Dress as a Gold Miner This Halloween!

  If you're a big fan of Gold Rush or simply pan in your spare time, Halloween is the perfect time to embody your inner treasure-hunter. There are lots of variations you can use to shake up this costume, but here's where to start:  You may already have the basic components of this costume in your closet: We'd start with a flannel shirt, jeans and a baseball cap. If you're looking for an affordable flannel or cap, try your local thrift store (or top things off with one of our Gold Rush Pay Dirt baseball hats!) For an on-the-job look,...

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26 Sep

Famous #GoldRush Figures: The Sutters

If you've ever heard about the famous California Gold Rush, you've probably heard of John Sutter, or perhaps his discovery of gold at Sutter's Mill. Interestingly, while the Sutters are perhaps the Gold Rush's most famous figures, they themselves spent more time on land negotiations than actual gold-hunting!  John Sutter Sr. via Wikimedia Originally, John Sutter actually planned to build a city around his sawmill. Sutter hired his friend James Marshall to help inspect the areas where he would lay additional foundations. To his surprise, Marshall returned with major news: There were nuggets of what appeared to be gold on their...

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06 May

Staking Claims: A Brief History of Governing Gold

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16 Apr

Land Reclamation Spotlight: One Percent for the Planet


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11 Mar

Pay Dirt Q&A: Parker Schnabel's Machinery


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