Dress as a Gold Miner This Halloween!


Parker Schnabel

If you're a big fan of Gold Rush or simply pan in your spare time, Halloween is the perfect time to embody your inner treasure-hunter. There are lots of variations you can use to shake up this costume, but here's where to start: 

You may already have the basic components of this costume in your closet: We'd start with a flannel shirt, jeans and a baseball cap. If you're looking for an affordable flannel or cap, try your local thrift store (or top things off with one of our Gold Rush Pay Dirt baseball hats!) For an on-the-job look, pick up a plastic hard hat from your local party or costume store.  

Taking your Pay Dirt Gold Rush pan along adds a golden touch - or, if you don't want to take your favorite pan out at night, a pie tin makes a great stand-in! You can collect candy in your "pan" or fill it with dirt before you take photos. 

 We'd love to see the creative costumes you come up with. Share them with us on Facebook, and the best costume will win a deluxe panning kit signed by our friend Parker Schnabel! 

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