How to Pan for Gold at Home

Learn How You Can Pan for Gold Near Home

Taking time to go to distant places to mine for gold is not a convenience everyone has. The Pay Dirt Gold Company provides the unique experience of learning how to pan for gold within the comfort of your own home or local area. Although hiking towards the banks of the Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park may sound like a good idea, staying indoors or close to home is safer for novice gold panners to start practicing their panning techniques.

Panning for gold at home may not be the same as going downstream and camping outdoors to pan for gold, but the enjoyment of learning how to pan for gold with bags of pay dirt is a comparable alternative.  Unlike panning in the wilderness, the official gold panning kit comes with pay dirt that is guaranteed to contain real gold.  This way you can learn to pan with real gold panning equipment without spending hours traveling with no guarantee of finding anything!

Find Real Gold

Pay Dirt Gold guarantees that enthusiasts will find real gold in every Gold Rush Panning kit. Every bag of pay dirt they include contains real gold and comes with a certificate of authenticity for proof. The official Gold Rush Panning kit includes a durable 12-inch gold pan, a 1-pound bag of pay dirt, a glass vial and one snuffer bottle. 

Start With the Official Gold Rush Panning Kit

If you aren’t sure how to get started, Parker Schnabel from Discovery Channel's Gold Rush Show, shot an instructional video to teach you how to pan for gold. Schnabel explains his gold panning techniques step-by-step with the official Gold Rush Panning kit.

First, you will need a bucket filled with water with as much pay dirt as you would like inside the lightweight gold pan. Fill the pan with water from the bucket and start shaking it, carefully watching for gold. At this point, you can adapt your own method of panning or follow Parker’s steps. Once satisfied with your findings, shake, tap, and wash the material out with water. Repeat these steps until the gold settles. Use a pair of tweezers to take out the gold flakes or use the snuffer bottle to get the smaller pieces. Place the gold in your vial, which you can put on display. Keep on panning with more pay dirt from The Pay Dirt Gold Company to grow a valuable gold collection. 

Watch the Pan Like a Pro Video Here


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