Hit Pay Dirt with Your Official Gold Rush Panning Kit

Panning is More Fun When you Find Gold

Do you hit pay dirt every time you go out on a prospecting trip? If the disappointment of finding gold has gotten to you, Pay Dirt Gold will help you relieve your frustrations of finding gold when panning. The official Gold Rush Panning kit is based on the popular Discovery Channel series "Gold Rush," and is an inexpensive hobby kit with pay dirt that will reignite your interest in panning for gold. For beginners, the Gold Rush Panning kit will train you how to use the tools and equipment needed for gold panning.

What does the kit consist of? For only $39.95, each kit includes a green, lightweight gold pan to separate the gold from the dirt and soil, a snuffer bottle to get the smaller flakes, a glass vial to store the precious metal, and one pound of pay dirt with a certificate of authenticity that it contains real gold.  

Pay Dirt Guarantees Real Gold!

Yes, you read it right. Pay dirt with real gold is included in the kit. Every bag included in the sold kits contains pay dirt from active gold mines. Since the presence of gold in the pay dirt is uncertain, they hand salt it with a base amount of gold. The pay dirt bag in the kit weighs one pound, which may contain up to $500 worth of gold. After using up the pay dirt, you can always order of a 2-pound bag of pay-dirt, also hand salted with gold and guaranteed to contain up to $1000 worth. For every 1,000 pay dirt bags, there is one 2lb bag salted with $1,000 in gold. You could be the lucky prospector that gets the special bag. Other’s have used this kit find actual gold, which can then be sold for money, crafted into jewelry, or become the start a collection with.

Planning for Gold Panning

Once you're done with the bag of pay dirt in the Gold Rush panning kit, you can bring the gold pan, snuffer bottle, and glass vial to a stream somewhere in California, Colorado, Montana, or your backyard. The equipment is durable and made to be taken outdoors for multiple uses.  If you’re looking to continue your streak of finding gold, 1lb and 2lb bags of pay dirt for your panning kit can be found in the Pay Dirt Gold online store.

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Posted by Nick James

Nick James


  1. David Nov 02, 2015

    I just panned my 2.5 lbs of paydirt and I got a half gram of nice little flakes. I was hoping I would get a bag salted with $500 worth but it was fun. I think I’ll try again :)

  2. Beverly McCorkle Oct 18, 2015

    I received my pay dirt and painted out today and found gold quite a bit more than five flakes still haven’t even finished panning

  3. We just received our kit today and just had a great time learning to pan. Everyone’s eyes lit up when those little flakes of gold appeared out of that black sand…just like the show. Watch Parker’s video on how to pan it helped us. We can’t wait till our dirt of the month club starts shipments!

  4. Jacqueline Jun 18, 2015

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  5. Awesome. We were very happy with the 2 lb bag of Pay dirt. We found about 1/4 gram of very nice chunky gold.

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