Outdoor Activities for Kids

Outdoor Activities for Kids – Learn to Pan for Gold!

With Pay Dirt Gold's official Gold Rush Panning kit, kids learn to pan for gold while having fun. Kids can play with their gold panning kit outside the house with their parents or friends. It's an easy and fun activity where they can pretend to be gold miners or treasure hunters, but instead of finding "pretend" gold, they will find actual gold. Once they get started, the kids will be begging to get more bags of pay dirt to play with. An additional 2-pound bag of Gold Rush pay dirt is just $29.95, and there's a chance you might receive a bag containing gold up to $1000 worth! The Pay Dirt Gold Company offers a truly unique outdoor activity for the kids, and the kid-at-heart.

Something Exciting for Everyone

Discovery Channel's Gold Rush TV show is on its 5th season this year and the popularity of gold panning among kids will only skyrocket further. The show's youngest cast member, Parker Schnabel, has been mining since he was a little kid and has grown up to now own his grandfather's Big Nugget mine in Alaska. If you don’t have a gold mine to pass down to your kids, the next best thing would be Pay Dirt Gold's official Gold Rush Panning kit, based on the show.

Not only is Pay Dirt Gold's panning kit for the kids, it's also for the parents. The official Gold Rush panning kit gets the parents involved with their kids' fun, educational outdoor activities. Parents love to see their kids enjoy panning for gold and learning about patience as they carefully sift through the pay dirt. Gold panning is quickly becoming one of the most popular outdoor activities for kids in 2014.

Gold Panning Kits Delivered to Your Home

Panning for gold is one of the best summer activities for kids to enjoy. Order the official Gold Rush panning kit and Pay Dirt Gold delivers directly to your home. It's as if Christmas has come early when they open the box filled with a bag of pay dirt (with up to $500 worth of gold), a 12-inch gold pan, a glass vial, and a snuffer bottle. They’ll learn how to pan for gold just like Parker Schnabel does.  

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Posted by Nick James

Nick James


  1. Cynthia Smith Nov 15, 2015

    As the summer brought a heat wave, we put out large buckets of water on the back patio for our three young grandsons to play and cool down. It was a no brainer to place some pay dirt into the larger bucket and give each of the boys a gold-pan. In moments, they were having a blast and cooling down. Happy times with Grandma and Grandpa, and a lesson in earth science! What a wonderful memory. Thank you for the opportunity to experience this moment with our grandsons!

  2. Thomas Barnard Jun 15, 2015

    One creative wrinkle I devised during the Christmas Holidays was to prepare an official-looking 3×5″ certificate of a “Gold Find” for each of our visiting grandchildren. A hole was punched in the lower right-hand corner of the certificate and placed over a 3×5″ black construction paper. The kids were shown how to pan and when they discovered a flake, it was glued to the center of the “black hole”. Then the “certificate” (including their name, date, accomplishment and Grandpa’s Certification Statement) was placed in a 3×5 picture frame. It was the most popular gift of the holidays for all my grandkids! Thomas Barnard

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