Gold In The World Today

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Posted by Jenna Gulica

Jenna Gulica


  1. Hi, can I order the dirt without the pan-kit? (i need and want to practise gold paning, but I have the pans) Will T

  2. Trish Mar 09, 2016

    Well i wonder what happened that Todd didn’t kick Parker’s Butt???? Maybe he’ll be quiet now.Hopefully.

  3. When the spot price for gold is between $1200 to $1600 per ounce, no one who sells an ounce of gold gets the spot price. The person selling the gold only gets somewhere between 50% up to a maximum of 80% of the spot price. Usually 50% is the realistic selling price. If that same person goes to buy an ounce of gold from a dealer, he or she will pay usually 10% over the spot price for that ounce of gold. Most people don’t consider this issue when they discuss gold values. So when considering buying pay-dirt, the seller is making somewhere around 95% profit on every bag.

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